Young Guns

Ancie & Clyde

We have two youngsters who are 5 . The mare is called Ancie and has had a filly  foal (Bonnie) by Donnerschwee and the gelding is coming on slowly. He is called Clyde and spent the first 6 months that we got him trying to kill both myself and my husband (simon). He is a Hackney x dutch warmblood and is sharp as hell. He has pronked me off 6 times, kicked Simon in the head and me in the stomach. If we manage to get him past Elementary Level without killing us, he will do Grand Prix. Lets hope it’s the latter as we are too young to die!

Ancie has now been put in foal to a DHH 2009 Dutch Champion Waldermar. This is very exciting as there are no registered DHH Stallions that we are aware of  standing in the UK at present. Fingers Crossed its a boy and we will try and keep him extire. If you want a giggle go and look at his You-tube clip. His legs go in every direction!




One response to “Young Guns

  1. Sam neighbour

    Hi, I have a DDH who is 5 yrs and we do dressage but again he sharper than you can imagine, but has paces to die for.
    We are getting 65%-68% but all the judges say theres more marks to come, I would like to come and train with you for a week and to get your view of him.
    Thanks for reading if you can e-mail me Sam

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