Mr P’s and I are Back Up & Running at Last!

Yes we are finally back out competing after all this time. 3 weeks after giving birth to our gorgeous second child Benjamin Lewis, we headed off to Hartpury CDI 3* on 14 July 2010.  We must be mad, insane or both as we headed off to the competition with 2 horses, 2 children under 5 and the two of us in a 7.5 ton wagon. You would expect it to be hell on wheels but it wasn’t. We managed to cope  (with the kind help of our inlaws).  We managed to survive the GP as Mr P was a star and just took me round. We finished on a score of 67.9% which put is into 4th place. We decided to opt to pay safe with the GPS instead of the Kur as Mr P and I had not been in a 60m school for 4 months, let alone have a clue what to do with our music!   We managed to compete the GPS with as few errors as possible and finished 1st with 69.5%, which was a huge surprise to all of us!

With some confidence restored, we are about to head off to Hickstead CDI on 28 July 2010. However, the line up for this show is huge (Edward Gal for starters!)…so we are not holding our breath. No serious placings are planned for us at this show. We are just going to have fun and enjoy ourselves. We will let you know how we get on.  

Video of Mr P at Mechelen is at :

Video of Mr P at Olympia is at :

Video of Mr P at Olympia getting KBIS Dressage Horse of the Year 2007 is at :

15 responses to “Competitions

  1. Hi Steph and Simon,
    So glad you’ve given Mr P his own place in cyberspace and many many congratulations on Olympia – Roly and I were cheering in the aisles! Mr P is truly one of the greats an inspiration to us all and it couldn’t happen to nicer people – long may it continue!
    Anna x

    • Hi steph,

      Reading your website is an inspiration i hope one day to riding in top & tails its so nice to read about someone has made it with very little i had several articles published last year as i have horse who has had several injuries and won and qualified many championships at prelim last year. you dont need to spend thousands on a horse to do well and you have proved that well done its brilliant

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog entries. It’s lovely to read about a “normal” person and horse doing so well. Look forward to hearing more 🙂


  3. Hi Stephanie

    You have given me a lot of inspiration! I fit in riding around work, compete and have lessons when I can. I am determined one day to be wearing top hat and tails (ok – maybe not as quickly as you did). Reading your story, it does give me an extra boost to work and try harder! Thank You.

  4. Congratulations steff and simon you have more motivation than most long will it reign and good luck with baby bump, thanks as ever for your help and encouragement with Westminster.

  5. Really enjoyed reading this especially the “bootcamp commando” bit, keep it coming!

  6. irene whitelaw

    First seen you both at the nationals and thought there having fun , I have watched your progress
    and thrilled at the success you are both having,long may it continue, Mr P seems such a character..
    Really enjoyed reading about him and the ”commando”, good luck to you both in 2007

  7. I have loved Mr P from the first moment I saw him compete, and you Stephanie, are my inspiration. Yours is a very special partnership.
    Wishing you both the best for a happy and sucessful dressage career.

  8. Just to say I wish you the very best of luck for
    Olympia 2007. I will be crossing fingers and toes for you both. I haven’t been able to get that video done yet, due to dodgy camera and dodgy weather but will do so after Christmas, all being well.
    Have a great competition and enjoy receiving your award, it’s amazing!

  9. Hi Steph,

    Saw Mr P and you at Olympia, and have wondered where you had gone. I followed this link to your (his) website through a posting in BD members forum…..we are all wondering how he is.
    When you get a moment do you think you can reply?
    Sincerely hope it’s good news Steph, fingers crossed,
    Susan Peart

  10. Hi Steph.
    How is Mr. P doing? I’m hoping you can give me some encouraging news as I’ve just had the same diagnosis for my boy today. Had been selected for the home international in October and were getting geared up to do area festivals when he had what we thought was a bruise to his off fore suspensory. Have been treating it with shock wave, cartrophen injections, magnets and spa visits but vet finally decided today that what we thought would take 2 weeks is actually going to need another 6 months. As my boy is 19 this could well be career ending. Bang goes my chance of getting an england badge, even if just for one weekend. I know it’s not the olympics but I sort of know how you must have felt. My old retired horse also needs putting down (arthritis) and my grandad is expected to die this week – it never rains but it pours (as everyone knows this week) but we have to remember that no matter how hard things get, someone somewhere has it worse, and try and stay positive.

  11. Dear Steph Simon and Annabelle, I have only just foundthis website as i am new to all this computor suff. I have loved reading all about you all and the wonderful Mr P. My Husband found a horse for me when we were not looking for one, but looking for one for my neighbours two daughter’s. He was a bit of a rescue job, but five years later we are startng to look almost good togerther. We are only doing Prelims at the moment, but things are getting better with our performance. He used to go round like a giraffe, but is now much better.We have just booked to go to Olympia, so i really hope to see you there again. Regards Katie x

  12. Are you doing any training courses this year? I have a Dutch WB who is rising 6 & needs a bit of help to get the most out of him .

  13. Steph you are an inspiration to all of us dressage nobodies trying to be the best we can within busy lives. I wish you massive success, nobody deserves it more. The way you talk about Mr P is very affectionate and full of love and respect. I love watching you both compete when you are in our neck of the woods

  14. HI Steph, I’m not sure if you still check this page, but I wondered if Mr P has his dna recorded? I bought several youngsters 3 years ago, from the guy who bred your boy, and he said two of them where by the same stallion, and one (which I have kept) is out of the same mare. I just wondered if i had her dna tested, if it could be confirmed? She is a six year old now.
    Kind regards

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