Mr President IV


Welcome to Mr President’s web page. Through this site you should learn a little more about Mr President and his amazing achievements that have catapulted both himself and his novice rider from competing in local riding club events to representing Great Britain in numerous international dressage competitions in just 6 years.  

34 responses to “Mr President IV

  1. I have a Mr President lookalike 8 year old gelding for sale whose owner sadly has had treatment for cancer and can no longer ride him. He is KWPN but could be his twin brother! I am looking for super home for him, more details on my website
    Love this site, it is an inspiration to all of us with not much money and shows anything is possible if you work hard enough! Leonie Smith

  2. Congratulations Stephanie & Simon on the safe arrival of baby Annabelle. She looks absolutely scrumptious.
    I look forward to watching her’s and Mr P’s progress through your website.
    I’m sure it won’t be long before Annabelle has a trusty steed all of her own to have fun with, just liek her mum!

  3. Have just watched you both at the Nationals for the third or fourth time and each time I return home greatly inspired. You both look so happy and actually appear to enjoy yourselves in the arena, whatever the result. This is truly what dressage is all about ie a joyful partnership. Thanks for providing so much pleasure, looking forward to seeing you at Stoneleigh in 2008.

  4. If you could bottle the spirit you have towards dressage it would go sooooo far to make the world of dressage a much happier place.

    I have lived in the states since 1987 and have seen the elitist factor grow horribly over here. Horses are bought for bigger and bigger price tags and the ‘its better to look good rather than feel good’ philosophy is rampant.

    God its boring. Reading your blog was wonderful, reminding us how we could be with our horses.

    You are dead cool!

    I’ll have a couple of bottles please … better make that a gallon or two!

  5. Hello Stephanie,

    I was checking out the results of Saumur (congrats),
    then I was curious about the pedigree of Mr President, and hey, I started googling your name. That’s how I found your site.

    Let me tell you, it’s just wonderful.
    I love dressage, the sheer beauty of a horse and a rider, but I hate all the politics, the semi religious vocabulary, and the vip things which seem to have become so important.
    You make it sound simple, straightforward, and fun. To me, that’s really great.

    Let’s meet someday.
    And until then, keep up the good work.


  6. It’s been a pleasure to read this blog; it made my determination to catch up with my dressage inadequacies a little more realistic!

    All the best with Mr. President and the young ones,

  7. Lovely horse, I am interested in knowing more about his breeding. You say “unknown Gelderlander X Hackney stallion out of a Dutch Warmblood mare” well and it sounds very much like the sire is a Dutch harness Horse and as I breed those I am naturally curious about any of the same lines doing well in competition 🙂

  8. I love your Mr President and I am curious about his pedigree too!
    I have a Dutch Harness hourse of myself and this year she became a filly of the dressage stallion San Remo.
    Hopefully she going to do the same good work as Mr President!

  9. lolol … well, well, well…. Steph!!!!! I tried dragging you along to help with RDA at Sixth Form and I can still recall the horror on your face at that request … me!! near a four legged thing??? Your blog made me laugh …. you can thank your bro for telling me your surname so I could google you!!! So I guess the rackets are packed up these days. So glad you found your seat in a saddle chich … always said it was fun!!!

    OMG … a dressage lady and numerous horses!! Congrats . And NOW …. even a little steph intow!!! So good to see youre doing well and stuff – especially from such humble beginnings on the “A”/182 bus to college!!!

    Drop me a line when you get a free millisecond free. Be good to hear from you again after too too toooooooooo many years.


  10. I am so glad I came across this blog. I bought my gelding as a yearling about two and a half year ago. He was 16.1hh then and a beautiful baby, yet an acquired taste. I ended up buying him as I really wanted to do dressage. I have had horses in my life since being very young and I had worked on stud farms and racing yards in my younger life. So I bought my boy he’s called Micky. He was very up hill in his paces and a great confirmation even as a yearling. I have also always had a passion for the typical Police horse type and Micky was everything that I always wanted. I have brought him on myself and I have used a combination of techniques including Parelli. I have just backed him this year and I was going to turn him away untill summer 2009, but he does get very bored, very easily, so it was suggested to me that I keep him going. He is rising 4 now and he is schooling is coming along great. He has a fantastic walk and trot and his canter is great on a hack, but in the school he bucks and dives into the stride. He is now just coming upto 17hh and finds it quite hard in a small menage. However I know he has fantastic potential, when I first saw him. He was bred as a carridge horse, by a very well known guy how drives teams of four, but didn’t make the grade as a carridge horse in a team. I wondered if I had done the right thing buying him, but I love him to bits. And then I came acroos Mr President and I thought that the simularaties were very close. Micky is also a Gelderlander, but x with Cleveland and he is the most gentlemanly horse I have ever known. He has very simular traits as Mr President, the tail swishing, especially when he thinks he knows better. I have really enjoyed following Mr President and I really hope that Micky has the potential to go half as far. I just thought that I would let you know that I think what you have acheived is fantastic. I am sure you know where I am coming from when I talk about my horse, when you are wondering to yourself, “Have I done the right thing” I would never have any regrets about buying Micky, even if all we ever did was hack out. But I fear I have a horse with fantastic, potential, I just hope that I am the person who is able to take him to great things, at my age, “I don’t know” I am 44, AAAArrrhhh. Thank you for this blog and I will watch you and Mr President in the future. Kind regards Dec

  11. Hi Stef and Happy New Year by the way! How is he doing? Last I heard from you was he was starting to do a bit of school work now, do you think we will see you out and about this year? It would be lovely to see you both back.
    Best Wishes, Ruth.

  12. Just wanted to say thanks for leaving such helpful and uplifting comments! Declan has made me feel so much better! I also have a Hackney X Gelderlander who has just turned 4. He is mastering wlak and trot but like Declans baby, bucks and careers around when you ask him to canter in the school. He is close to 16.3 now and I think balance is an issue! It’s really good to know its not just me having that problem! Jack has bags of potential, and I know hard work will be rewarded. Thanks for this blog!

  13. Hi Stephanie,
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    My husband and I went to Olympia this last december and although had a lovely evening, it wasn’t the same without having you and Mr P there. Two years later and ‘that’ test is still in my memory and always makes me smile when i remember it and the famous centre line.
    How is Mr P doing? I hope it is good news.
    Reading all the comments on your page is really inspiring. good luck for 2009 (and to Dec with Micky)

  14. These x Gelderlanders are popping up everywhere aren’t they? I have just read Michelle’s post. I have my work cut out at the moment, he is into everything, a proper thug. He can’t stand still if he smells anything like treats in your pocket and he gently tries his hand as a pick pocket, it’s quite funny, but quite worrying really. His work is coming along well, but does everything to avoid working and moveing his body in the direction that I want him to go in. I have an old injury to my arms that I got when I did a parachute jump, so when I want him to move left, I always give my right arm away, so it’s a stuggle for me sometimes. He doesn’t buck as much now when he goes into canter, but I don’t ask him to do it much in the menage. I try not to use a crop, but on occassions when I have used it lightly, he takes a big dislike and will try to buck me off, if I use it again to say that’s unacceptable, he will then rear, once I used it a third time and he bucked and reared like a bronco. I don’t like using a crop, but at the same time I don’t want to be scared on letting him know, that I have it. Otherwise he’ll probably get away with murder, any suggestions? “Yer don’t use it, I know”.

  15. It’s good to know your youngster isn’t bucking as much – there is light at the end of the tunnel! I have also tried a crop, with similar results to you! Not sure there is an easy answer, the only hting I’m finding is helping is perseverence! I’ve done alot of ground work and he seems to respect me alot more now, maybe that’s helping his ridden work. Don’t know – I’m clutching at straws. But he is so steady in every other way – and a character like yours! Don’t give up!

  16. Hi Steph
    I am looking for help, my ‘dressage horse of a lifetime’ has damaged his suspensory ligament in an accident. Could you give me any advice on what/where/who to go for information on the best recuperation programme please? I ask because I had heard that Mr P had had a similar injury.
    Kind regards
    Linda York

  17. Hi, just wanted to let you all know I’m trying my first prelim next month. Just thought I’d have a go, if we get a buck, well, there we go! Jack is coming on loads. I’m learning to ‘ask’ for canter rather than tell! Really impressed with his attitude, it must be something to do with hackney x gelderlander! Hope all is well with everyone!

  18. Hi Steph, how are you and yours? Could you please post some pics of Clyde, I’d love to see him. Michelle, how did you do with you prelim test?

    Dec Halifax West Yorkshire

  19. Forgot to update, no more bronking or bucking, I don’t use the crop, but still carry it. Micky will canter when asked and will even canter a small circle in the menage. However at the moment we are taking it very slow. We are concentrating on walk and trot and getting him to move straight, which he is doing well, when I first started him, he was like a wiggly worm up the centre of the menage. I can’t ask him to do too much at once as he just throws the towel in and go’s “oh no dad I can’t do it”, so I am not asking him to do too much, except concentrate. Anyway, just wanted to let you know, bye for now.

    Dec Halifax West Yorkshire

  20. The wiggly worm comment made me laugh, thats exactly how Jack was! A proper giraffe! We got 8 for our last centre line – a slight improvement. I chickened out of prelim, he had me off a week before- the biggest buck ever! It has knocked me a bit but we are trying to get it together again. I’m trying to do a bit more lunging to help his balace and to work him more. Any advice on spring grass effects and how much work a youngster needs? X

  21. Hi Steph, Simon and all.

    Micky went four today, it’s his birthday. I have just read Michelle’s comments and I wish I could offer help. I find it so hard sometimes to try and acheive anything with Micky, but I don’t always think it ‘s about him, sometimes it’s my attitude that get’s in the way we do things. I am a professional person, I have a good job. However Micky has taught me that you can’t always control everything. Sometimes you just have to let go of the reins. I still try and bring him along at a good pace, but it’s his pace. If he can’t take it in today, i’ll try again tomorrow or until he get’s it. I can’t do anything with him unless he’s on my side. The only bad thing about his personality is that, he has to be fed first in the morning, and has his ear’s back until he get’s his grub, and he has to be the first out of the field, if we’re bringing them all in.

    I hope Jack learns to stop bucking and that you have a pleasant and safe ride Michelle. I love this blog, we can all get together and talk about what we are trying to achieve. Spring-grass makes Micky act like a two year old, but I don’t mind that. I work him about 5 times a week for between an hour and two hours at a time. He isn’t fit though his sweats up real bad sometimes, but I aren’t expecting too much until he’s six or seven, he’s still my little boy. I never ask too much, I can always tell when he has had enough and we’ll stop there.

    If anyone would like to contact me direct and exchange note’s my personal email is I would love to see some of the horse’s we’re talking about.

    Steph I hope you don’t mind this, but the only thing I think is lacking on this site is the ablily to upload photo’s/video’s , so we can see the horse’s were are talking about, that would be great.

    I acknowledge that this is Mr President’s personal blog, but we can all learn something from him and you Steph and I am sure you would give us all your constructive critisim on any uploads.

    King regards Dec

  22. Katie Hancock

    Hi Everyone, Happy spring time to you all.
    I have just read the latest news from you all and it sounds like everyone is moving forward slowly but surely. The best way I think.
    I have changed instructors recently, to a wonderful guy who trains Police Horses, and he really understands myself and my Mickey.
    Mickey is now going in a much better outline and with this is more active in his paces without pulling me forward, racing, and going like a giraffe.
    I look at pictures of Mr P and others, and until now have only dreamed of looking anything like them.
    I too have just started carrying a whip, just a short one as Mickey is scared of them. (past experiences when in Ireland I believe)
    I am still only doing Unaffiliated Prelims, and get around the 59% mark, but I am going out again tomorrow, and hope to improve on this.
    I too also remember to say to myself that there will be good day’s and bad one. As long as I try to leave it on a good note.
    Love to you all,

  23. Michelle Foster

    Hi everyone,
    I agree this blog is a great place to swap problems, good days and bad days, inspired by Mr President!
    Had good and bad days this weekend, dreadful walk and trot test on Sunday, somewhere different, very windy, with horses charging about in the field! Interesting! Today (Monday), local show, managed canter on both reins in a field, with no bucking whatsoever!! A definite move forward. I totally agree that its me that affects Jack, the calmer I am, the better he is. It scares me that people tell me I need to have a battle to sort out his ‘attitude’. If I give him time and let him calm at his pace he seems to be ok. Don’t want to resort to battles.
    Thanks for replies, it really helps. I’ll keep going!!

  24. Hi Steph, you might not remember but i emailed you last year about using Ian Smiths stallion.
    I know you have a few youngsters by the hackney, and i wondered how they are coming on?
    I had a filly in May by the hackney out of my dutch mare, she is very big and solid!
    I origanally was going to sell her but i am now torn as she is a fab looking horse with a real look at me presence!
    How big have yours grown to?
    Kind REgards


    • Hi Rebecca,

      My 4 year old is probably nearing 16.2hh, but may grow more. My Friend has a 4 year old filly buy him and she is smaller, say 16hh. How is her nature. Both of these youngsters are quite sharp. They are very quick to learn both good and bad habits. How big is she now? How old?

      Kind regards,


  25. Hi everyone!
    Just re read some of the comments we were making earlier on in the year, it would be great to find out how everyone was progressing. Jack has calmed down loads, and has got so much potential! We are getting 60’s for prelim now. He still swishes his tail if you ask too hard, and has his ‘attitude’, but thats what makes him him! At least I feel like I can cope with it. The future is looking bright, despite the bad days! Thanks for your inspiration, Mr P, got a pic of you on my fridge! Would love to know how Declan is getting on.

  26. Hi Stephanie,

    I must admit, i hadnt heard of you until i sat down to watch the dressage at Olympia tonight, and i must say i nearly choked on my spagbol in excitement when i saw yourself and Mr President.
    I too have a Hackney/Gelders/DWB mare who some may think belong pulling a cart than in a dressage arena! However she has had many successes with her last rider, and oh boy she can really move!!! I must say as well that she looks a lot like Mr President – especially in the head.

    I am so pleased to see an ‘unconventional’ horse at this level of dressage and doing so well – it is a real inspiration for ‘normal’ riders out there (like me) who dont have the flashiest warmbloods bred into the blue and that a horse with unknown or ordinary lines can reach the dizzying heights of Grand prix Dressage, and like so many riders out there, working your way up from the bottom to the top!

    Ive never written fanmail, ever! But i must say i enjoyed watching your test so very very much and i will definitely be following your progress in the future!

    Thanks for listening!

  27. Hello Stephanie
    We invite you to visit our website about horses “”.,Congratulations! you have a very nice horse.
    Best regards.

  28. Hi Stephanie,
    I went to Olympia last night with some friends and had the most wonderful evening. The hi-light of the evening for me was seeing you and Mr P again.
    You did a fantastic performance yet again. You and Mr P just look so happy and such a team together.
    Since I last put a comment on here, Mickey and I have won an BD Prelim towards the end of the summer, and came second two weeks later. We keep practicing!I hope you and the family have a lovely christmas and all the best for the new year
    Katie xx

    • Hi Katie,

      Well done with the win. That is fab news!! To be honest ridding Mr P was the easy part, it’s looking after the kids and organising everyone in time to ride that is the hard bit. Have a great Christmas and please let us know how you do in the new year. Good luck!!

      Kind regards,


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